Welcome to Valley Garden

Valley Garden Trading LLC is established in 1996, with its main office located in Dubai UAE, has grown to become one of the most successful and most competitive food and non food trading company in the UAE. Our business activities include importing, distribution and logistics.

Why Choose Us

26 years running food distribution business is well renowned in the food & beverage industry for its exceptional quality standard, diversity of brands and progressive supply chain & also offering the utmost service standards to our clients over the years. We supply quality food ingredients to all key market sectors and strive to establish a strong & long-term strategic partnership with our clients.

Leading changes with passion and tenacity by adopting a proper critical mindset and creative approch

Securing and generating outstanding talent based on the belief, manpower is significant source

Building customer value by functioning satisfaction and studying from the customers’ view point

Achieving consecutive perfomance through a fact-oriented strategy and quick implementation

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